Insight report: Responding to the Great Resignation

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Law firms have been fielding more resignation letters than usual and they are not alone.  

Dubbed ‘The Great Resignation’, businesses are seeing talent leaving in record numbers. Employees, after working from home over the past 18 months, have had time to reflect on their priorities and are shifting the lens on how and where they want to work. 

The latest report from our Collaboration Café, held under Chatham House Rules, saw senior leaders at top law firms discuss how they’re dealing with this current trend and what measures they’re putting in place to reduce the risk to their firm. 

The conversation explored:

  • How can law firms retain their teams sustainably, without the knee-jerk reaction of throwing money at the problem?
  • How do you re-engage with pandemic-jaded employees who are both spoilt for choice and looking for more balanced solutions to the current state of work?
  • What are some sustainable strategies to encourage top talent to stay with a firm.

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