WEBINAR RECORDING: Closing the ‘Strategy to Execution’ Gap

Exclusive panel discussion with Dr. Heidi Gardner

Successfully translating your law firm’s strategic plans into actions is vital to achieving business goals, delivering exceptional client service and retaining top talent. This was a key finding highlighted in Dr Gardner’s most recent paper “Closing the strategy to execution gap”.

In this exclusive webinar, Dr. Heidi Gardner, Distinguished Fellow at Harvard Law School, and her impressive panel of law leader experts explore practical ways your firm can close the ‘Strategy to Execution’ gap.

Dr. Gardner is the foremost authority on smart collaboration for lawyers and legal teams, and her highly quantitative and statistical research demonstrates the business impact of collaboration in law firms around the globe.

You can also download your free copy of the Closing the ‘Strategy to Execution’ Gap insight paper here.

Dr. Heidi Gardner and her team have designed a clinic to help firms on their quest to build and collaborate on a strategic plan. To learn more and schedule your customised clinic, reach out to csilla@gardnerandco.co.

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