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Smarter performance management

Performance management for strategic impact

Your people are the cornerstone of revenue, profit generation, client and talent retention strategies.

Objective Manager drives your firm’s success by aligning everyone’s objectives and behaviors to the strategic goals of the firm. Whether remote or office-based, you can ensure your people aren’t just busy but highly productive, and collaborating to drive the strategic agenda of the firm forward.

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Key solutions

Objective setting

Smarter, continuous performance management

Ensure your people deliver real business impact by aligning individual objectives with your firm goals. Drive better client, firm and people outcomes from collaboration on common objectives while tracking progress in real-time against quantitative measures. Encourage praise, recognition and feedback to create new habits that drive long-term firm performance and personal development.

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Easy, fast and regular performance check-ins

Operate an agile performance management strategy with frequent check-ins that generate meaningful improvements for your top talent on a regular basis. Survey-style reviews and feedback make it easy for personnel to engage, collaborate and learn together, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

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360° Feedback

Open, structured and collaborative feedback

Make it easy to gather 360° feedback with industry-based best practice questions that deliver meaningful insight to improve performance, process and culture. Use a structured yet configurable approach to foster continuous feedback and drive improvement across teams, offices and hierarchies.

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Performance appraisals

A single source of performance insight

By aligning individual’s objectives with the firm’s strategic goals, you can measure the things that really matter. Tailor your review process to the firm's exact needs and make it easy for people to engage and contribute to a continuous review process that combines feedback, competencies and development needs.

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Personal development plans

Realise everyone's potential

Just as objectives summarise business needs, development needs uncover the support your people require to propel the firm to success. Quickly view where support is needed, track insights and deliver feedback. Then, identify and plan across practice groups, sectors and regions.

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Competency frameworks

Planning for success

Deliver a scalable, universal competency framework for specific individuals, roles or seniority levels. Track development progress against a defined set of core skills to create a learning strategy that is aligned to the firm’s plans. Gain valuable insight to firm-wide competency trends and measure results to plan for training and improvement.

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Professional accreditation management

Ensure compliance and best practice

Ace a professional accreditation audit by keeping development needs tracked and updated in one place. Manage declarations and professional accreditations through performance reviews to remove the administrative headache and reduce regulatory compliance risk.

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Partner development

Deliver an outstanding partner experience

A positive partner experience will directly impact client experience and retention. Make partner selection, development and remuneration decisions easier, faster and in total confidence. Utilise data insights to form a strategic retention plan that directly aligns to the firm’s goals.

Partner development

Powerful collaboration tools to connect your firm

  • Visible performance

    Make performance management the heart beat of the firm

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  • Communication for progress

    Foster collaboration with shared objectives and continuous feedback

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  • Partner success

    Hire, retain and nurture top talent to enhance client relationships and drive profit

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  • Improved professional development

    Deliver professional compliance and embrace best practice frameworks

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The combination of appraisals and ability to communicate strategy was one of the key reasons we bought it.
Ian Jeffery
CEO, Lewis Silkin
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Foster a culture of collaboration with structured surveys and recognition tools.

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