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Strategic plans with impact

Turning strategy into reality

Continuous engagement with your business strategy is the key to making it a reality. As the world embraces hybrid working, give your people the tools to align their objectives with the firm's strategy.

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Leadership decision making

Key solutions

Client opportunity analysis

Your firm’s fastest route to growth

Instantly identify and visualise the best new opportunities among your current client base. Using algorithms to analyse the firm’s financial and customer data, find trends and cross reference your talent pool to instantly expose opportunities - allowing you to prioritise efforts and win new business.

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Firm-wide strategy

One firm, one plan… and everyone aligned

Drive real progress towards your strategic goals by aligning everyone’s efforts to the firm's strategic objectives. Don’t focus on time and tasks alone: ensure you cascade goals that drive behavioural changes and get your people thinking strategically, delivering big business impacts along the way.

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Practice group planning

Bridge practice expertise, no matter where your people work

Build an ecosystem of expertise across offices, countries and continents in a single platform. Develop unified practice group strategies and align specialist knowledge, client insight and competitor data with firm-wide goals to empower your teams to deliver a better client experience and optimise practice performance.

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Sector planning

Unite sector knowledge and drive growth

Unlock hidden expertise in your firm with collaboration tools to create a dynamic sector strategy. Increase new business opportunities by surfacing key relationships, knowledge and intellectual property. Remove practice silos by using shared goals and interactive plans to hone your sector growth strategies, empower your people, and drive performance.

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Business Intelligence

The control panel for strategy execution

Give leaders instant visibility to your firm’s strategic performance. Dynamic dashboards, built on Microsoft Power BI, deliver data easily segmented by sector, practice, location and role to drive your firms’ strategy to success.
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Client planning

Be your client’s hero

It’s proven that collaboration is one of the biggest influences on a firm’s profit and is directly linked to client satisfaction. Create unified client plans that allow your client team to share knowledge and collaborate in real-time on customer solutions. Firm-wide visibility of plans make it easy to engage the right people, track progress, and where necessary, intervene to improve performance and create plans that drive growth across the entire business.

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Create plans to drive growth across the entire business

  • Business impact

    Get everyone behind strategic plans that generate big business impact

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  • Unlock key opportunities

    Find and prioritise revenue-generating collaboration opportunities with your clients

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  • Client-first plans

    Put clients at the centre of everything you do

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  • Grow the firm

    Use SMART collaboration to break down silo's and unlock growth

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Objective Manager encourages accountability and follow-up and gives you immediate insight into the current status of business development activity across the firm.
Jill Weber
Chief Marketing Officer, Stinson
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Measure the performance and contribution of your people against your strategic objectives.

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