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High-performance teams, wherever they are

Hybrid working is here to stay. Getting it right for your firm, and its people, is really important as it will be a strategic differentiator for recruitment, retention, performance and people engagement.

We help dozens of firms manage hybrid workers ensuring people are connected, collaborating and performing, no matter where their office is.

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Key solutions

Strategic agenda, everyday

A strategy is only as good as its execution. We help firms turn strategic plans into routine actions. We do this by aligning strategic plans to the performance management process ensuring people are engaged and that performance is rewarded in line with the strategic agenda. That’s how strategy becomes reality.

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Performance management with purpose

People thrive on clarity and purpose. Our strategic planning software aligns clear personal objectives to your business plan, and is visible so that colleagues can engage and collaborate on a common purpose and outcomes. This brings the performance management culture alive and makes it a process of everyday habit, not just an annual review.

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Performance management made easy

Our performance management software was designed by firms, for firms. We have ironed out all the nuances of professional services firms and tailored the process for this sector. We make it easy for people and managers to engage, drive, measure and reward performance every day of the year.

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Voice of the people

People are your most important - and most costly - resource. That means it’s critical to listen to what’s important to them and why. Our easy, configurable survey tools allow you to take the pulse of your people anytime, anywhere, so your plans are built on solid foundations of knowing what matters.

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Rewards and recognition that matter

We are all human and that means we want feedback and praise. It’s our motivational fuel and plays a key part in driving performance. Our comprehensive feedback, collaboration, survey tools and reward currency allow peer-to-peer, real-time, 360° feedback and recognition to make sure your people are valued… and know it.

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High performance, everyday

  • Clear alignment

    Align strategy and performance with defined, visible objectives

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  • Successful hybrid working

    Ensure your people are productive and performing, no matter where they are

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  • Easy performance management

    Make performance management a process that people want to engage with

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  • Engagement matters

    Harness the voice of your people to improve your strategic plans

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The support we’ve had from the Objective Manager team has been really, really outstanding.
Liz Cheaney
HR Director, Coffin Mew
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